Would your response to that be totally blase? Or even state you may carry on seeing the guy whom’d simply done that? Whether you believe him or not because mine certainly wouldn’t be.

I have no idea what his official relationship with her is, but he comes out of this looking pretty crappy re: her. If you should be uncomfortable with that – and also you have actually every right to be uncomfortable with that – cut him loose. Published by Catseye at 12:56 have always been on January 19, 2013 6 favorites

That is much more likely, statistically:

1. Some body cheats on some other person after which lies about any of it 2. Somebody accocunts for a whole relationship inside their head, contacts somebody about any of it in circumstances of total delusion

I want with number 1. Published by 3491again at 1:20 AM on 19, 2013 8 favorites january

Therefore let’s imagine you’re a part of some brand new man because well since this FWB. Casual thing, no recommendation of cheating. And something time, New man comes for your requirements and claims „therefore, uh, this seems odd, but some body because of the title of Old FWB Guy just contacted me on Twitter and stated he had been the man you’re dating, however you kept cheating though you and him tried to make it work after your affair on him with me, even. What are you doing here? „

Would your reaction to that be totally blase? Or even to state you might carry on seeing the man whom’d simply done that?

You have all of the given information you’ll need relating to this situation.

Taking it further than this, with questions about his attitude, I think he will frame this as you being another woman scorned who just couldn’t get enough of him and whose feelings he has no obligation to consider if you go to him. Published by tel3path at 1:51 have always been on 19, 2013 4 favorites january

We confronted him about any of it- he had been totally blase and stated which he knew she had more powerful feelings for him, than he did on her, which he had been maybe not her boyfriend, but that she ended up being his other FWB. Then I asked him her, he said I don’t know- wtf if he was going to continue to see!

I’m maybe not understanding from whence comes the overwhelming summary in this thread that this person is lying for you and it is bad news. This will never be the time that is first’ve seen a multi-partner situation where one celebration is obvious in the FWB component (him) in addition to other celebration continues to be saying „boyfriend” (her). So fundamentally: just just what this person is saying for you does not hit me personally as implausible. At all.

I am therefore confused. We decided to a intimate, but casual relationship which was clearly maybe not exclusive.

Well beside me he had been pretty straighforward, At his word, it sounds to me like that’s exactly what you’ve got, and one of his other non-exclusive partners may be having some issues with the definition of „FWB. ” posted by DarlingBri at 3:01 AM on January 19, 2013 unless you have some other reason not to take him

I am a little swayed. We’ll amend my response to say that when your instinct is you’re not receiving a good therapy from him and that he is actually betraying you somehow, that’s shitty.

I suppose something that’s confusing is also that you could both pursue other partners – that your arrangement was „a sexual, but casual relationship that was explicitly not exclusive” – had you agreed with each other that you would disclose other partnerships though it seems to have been true? If you don’t, i cannot see just what he really did incorrect. This will be into it between him and the other partner, despite her attempt to drag you.

In the event that you did, then there clearly was a betrayal, since you don’t find out about Partner no. 1 whenever you became Partner number 2. And Partner #1 did not understand since he was probably lying to her – until recently, it sounds like about you- which is really worse. It appears as if you were a secret from her and she was a key from you, she might have had more hopes for the connection, so when she heard bout you she should have thought it absolutely was a present short-term event, as you state she did not understand you were FWB that very long with him. So she thinks all ended up being going swimmingly unless you came along. Whenever, of course, that which was really happening is the fact that the guy was resting with the two of you.

It is most likely impractical to diagnose the real nature regarding the relationship also by assembling each of these conflicting accounts. They truly are providing you really different views, and thus it may certainly be confusing about which to think or whether or not to trust just what the guy states. But we nevertheless genuinely believe that that doesn’t actually make a difference that you were pursuing if you didn’t have an agreement to disclose other partners. This can be amongst the two of those, and whatever it works away in the years ahead can be between your two of these. He could be considered a shady, awful man, which appears feasible, nevertheless the thing to have un-confused about continues to be exactly what your very own needs have been in a relationship, also an easy FWB one. It is ok not to ever trust him just because most of the evidence you’ve got is you just feel just like one thing’s fishy. That you do not owe anbody your trust and you may revoke it at any time. You might also move away simply because it appears as though the problem is only a little drama-filled and that is not your look. That you do not absolutely need a explanation. I would state the primary thing is to give some thought to your expectations and what you should require and accept later on. You dudes just weren’t from the page that is same. Posted by Miko at 6:14 AM on 19, 2013 2 favorites january

„I’m not sure whom to trust. If she had been undoubtedly their gf, this isn’t someone i might even be buddies with, never ever mind the huge benefits! Then which is an alternate situation. When they were fwb and she dropped for him. Can I simply drop him? Can there be any option to get during the truth?

You state you have a friends-with-benefits relationship. But just how long had been you buddies before it became clear that either one of you were interested in benefits of any sort with him for? Had been the context in which you came across him one out of which friends would fulfill, or had been it one out of which individuals would maybe date and connect?

I do believe one’s heart associated with problem the following is that it is probably you entered as a non-serious relationship that is sexual someone you truly did not understand. It was called by you one thing you felt comfortable with, the good news is you aren’t therefore certain. So Now you look at the character and integrity of your explicitly perhaps not exclusive „friend” to be always a dealbreaker that is potential. You can not make the best judgment on that, him all that well because you don’t really know.

After which he states „I do not know”, when it comes to whether he’s likely to see her. Which means, yes he can, if he is able to chatrandom iphone. If she will allow him. In the event that you’ll allow him. In the event that observed price of performing this is significantly less than the advantages. He likes sex that is having various ladies. Who states that it is simply you two? There may were a few more females which he led on to get them to sleep with him, simply to cool off once they started getting serious. You do not understand, however the potential for that is that which you subscribed to having a explicitly perhaps not relationship that is exclusive.

I am polyamorous / non-monogamous. Have already been freely therefore for approximately fifteen years. Almost all of that right time i’ve lived with my spouse along with 1 of 2 other lovers. One for around 7 years, plus one going back 1. 5 years or more. Been with my partner for approximately 23 years. And so I have actually a fairly good background for very long, relatively healthy poly relationships.