The rock petroglyphs in San Jose Villanueva close to a collapse (Walter Thilo Deininger National Park) are similar to other historic rock petroglyph around the nation. Regarding the style of the engravings it has been in contrast by with the petroglyphs of La Peña Herrada (Cuscatlán), el Letrero del Diablo (La Libertad) and la Peña de los Fierros (San Salvador). We can add to the listing the sites in Titihuapa, the Cave of Los Fierros and La Cuevona each in ( Cuscatlán ).

However, the nation continues to wrestle with high rates of poverty, inequality, and gang-associated violent crime. El Salvador was, for millenia, managed by a number of Mesoamerican nations, especially Lenca, early Mayans, then later the Cuzcatlecs up until the Spanish conquest.

Violence towards women

The museum aims to foster cultural consciousness for Salvadorans by way of exhibitions, research, publications and educational packages. In 2011, the Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities or Unión de Ciudades Capitales Iberoamericanas (UCCI), chosen San Salvador as a „Latin American capital of tradition”, recognizing San Salvador’s cultural diversity.

Nevertheless, in accordance with the Central American Institute for Fiscal Studies (Instituto Centroamericano for Estudios Fiscales, by its acronym in Spanish), the contribution of metallic mining was a minuscule 0.three% of the country’s GDP between 2010 and 2015. Saca’s decision although not missing political motives, had robust help from local residents and grassroots actions within the country. According to NACLA, incoming President Funes later rejected a company’s software for a further allow based on the danger of cyanide contamination on one of many nation’s major rivers.


There are seven districts in San Salvador, Districts 1–6 and the Historic Downtown. In 1964, the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) candidate, José Napoleon Duarte, an engineer, was elected mayor; he served from 1964 to 1970. During his time period he ordered building of the Pancho Lara park within the Vista Hermosa neighborhood, renewed the electrical grid, and set up a system of faculties for grownup education.

The Spanish traveled to Central America in the 15th century to find a lush world, which was inhabited by many Native American indigenous civilizations. To the cultures of Europe, Central America was mysterious, primal and terrifying. El Salvador has lush, tropical rainforests that cover much of its volcanic surface and the geology of El Salvador is strongly affected by the presence of volcanoes, ellecuent with highly nutritious soil full of mineral, excellent for agriculture. These properties made it extremely valued by Europeans, who exploited it for transport again to Spain.

City mayors since 1964

These events are becoming less outstanding with a sharp decline within the Roman Catholic inhabitants in the course of the past decade. San Salvador can also be home to about 3,500 Jews; the Jewish group continues to be strong, but much less so for the reason that Nineteen Eighties, as a lot of them left with the start of the Salvadoran Civil War. The city has a small neighborhood of Palestinians, mostly descendants of Palestinian Christian households who immigrated from Palestine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, with the best price of immigration between 1910 and 1925. The metropolis also has Korean Evangelical Churches that maintain services in the Korean language for a growing Korean inhabitants. During the Age of Liberty (1718–1772), Sweden had conditional women’s suffrage.

These occurrences would also encourage Prudencia Ayala, Farabundo Martí and in the end Óscar Romero. Antu Silan Ulap finally handed over control of the Lenca resistance to Lempira (additionally called Empira).

El Salvador has the biggest inhabitants density in Latin America, and is the third most populated nation in Central America after Honduras and Guatemala, from the 2005 census, the population exceeds 6 million. in addition small Salvadoran communities sprung up in Canada, Australia, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Italy, and Sweden since the migration trend started in the early Nineteen Seventies.

Saudi Arabia2015In December 2015, women were first allowed to vote and run for office. Romania1929/1939/1946Starting in 1929, women who met sure qualifications have been allowed to vote in local elections.

The United States is home to 10,000 members of the MS-13 gang who are involved with the transnational criminal networks of drugs, weapons, and violent gang culture. Gangs contribute to the generally excessive levels of social violence in El Salvador.

The paleontological site was discovered by accident in 2000, and within the following 12 months, an excavation by the Museum of Natural History of El Salvador revealed not solely several remnants of Cuvieronius, but also several other species of vertebrates. In the Tomayate site, they have recovered no less than 19 species of vertebrates, together with giant tortoises, Megatherium, Glyptodon, Toxodon, extinct horses, paleo-llamas and particularly a large number of skeletal stays of proboscis genus Cuvieronius. The Tomayate site stands out from most Central American Pleistocene deposits, being more historic and much richer, which supplies valuable information of the Great American Interchange, by which the Central American isthmus landbridge performed the title primordial role.