All in all, the truth that there isn’t anything nicely documented right here, and that there isn’t any positive note on this article, makes it simply obviously silly. All the foreigners I know who visited Belgium and stayed there for greater than a day advised me how cool this country is, Belgians have a fantastic sense of humor, they know hos to celebration, they have nice beer, they’re pleasant and open-minded.

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Its numerous dialects contain a variety of lexical and a few grammatical options which distinguish them from the standard language. As within the Netherlands, the pronunciation of Standard Dutch is affected by the native dialect of the speaker. At the same time East Flemish types a continuum with both Brabantic and West Flemish. Standard Dutch is primarily based on the Hollandic dialect (spoken in the northwestern Netherlands) and to a lesser extent on Brabantic, which is the most dominant Dutch dialect of the Southern Netherlands and Flanders. Within Belgium, Flemings type a clearly distinguishable group set apart by their language and customs.

It is boring, and the people keep to themselves. The climate sucks, it rains a lot of the winter and that makes for accidents. it’s the first nation I know where you are only allowed a restricted bandwidth per thirty days !!!. It’s hard to imagine that a whole country contracted Down’s Syndrome.

As of that date the use of the Flemish coat of arms (or a lion rampant sable) remained in use throughout the reigns of the d’Alsace, Flanders (2nd) and Dampierre dynasties of counts. The motto „Vlaanderen de Leeuw” (Flanders the lion) was allegedly present on the arms of Pieter de Coninck at the Battle of the Golden Spurs on July eleven, 1302. After the acquisition of Flanders by the Burgundian dukes the lion was solely used in escutcheons.

Should you visit France or Belgium?

The English, Italians, French and Dutch are all a lot warmer than your average Flemish particular person and so are the Walloons for that matter. Actually, Belgium is the youngest of these nations, because the nation solely got here into existence in the early nineteenth century. It took quite a few years for a particular Belgian id to develop itself among the many new Belgians, too. Don’t let the identify fool you; prior to now, various regions and peoples have been known as “Belgians” or variations thereof, but those regions never coincided with what’s now Belgium.

The proven fact that there are such a lot of belgians who react, that means that there still are peeps who are proud and don’t want to hear all this adverse chitchat about their country. You need to admit that in such a short while plenty of Belgians have seen your blog and responded. not all the time very friendly however that’s what you get when you leak on someones head.

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I stay in Belgium (close to Antwerp), so I should know. Brussels is the capital of our country, and that’s it. The capital of Wallonia is Namur (“Namen” in Dutch).

What is Belgium like?

That mentioned I can’t assist being impressed by a lot of the tradesman and I’d trust the technical skills of healthcare professionals way over most equal Western nations. I will say this to the Belgians that don’t have any pride for thier nation…You disgust me. Add to that quite belgium women a few and random street closing, and a Police that doesnt give a shit and you got the worst nation in Europe. I assume Colin Ferrell, you and everyone else are down right contained in the box morons. Belgium is likely one of the finest nations in Europe and the world.

Learn your history, bro… We needed to battle onerous to make Dutch an official language, and now you are saying that we’re all racists? You, and others such as you, are really the reason why north and south don’t get alongside. Oh, and do you know Belgium has some of the best music festivals in the world? I’m talking about Tomorrowland and Rock Werchter, which attracts folks from everywhere in the world, from Dutchmen to Australians.

There isn’t any need to diss individuals who come from a rustic the place it’s not necessairy to talk more than one language. People generally don’t learn languages to help others.

Dual citizenship

I level out an issue and you drive me to elucidate that extra folks can testify that they had this problem. I do have some Belgian associates, they verify my tales and are apolegetic for his or her fellow Flemish. They share my opinion that normally the Flemish aren’t very friendly to strangers, not very welcoming and petty and childish of their angle and behavior in the direction of the Dutch. So right here it’s, just a few examples of the dangerous shit the Belgians pulled on me or folks I know.