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His election was the first time that a member of the the Aristocracy mounted to the Hungarian royal throne with out dynastic background. He was a profitable navy leader and an enlightened patron of the arts and learning. His library, the Bibliotheca Corviniana, was Europe’s best assortment of historic chronicles, philosophic and scientific works in the 15th century, and second only in size to the Vatican Library.


Hungary entered the struggle and on 1 July 1941, at the path of the Germans, the Hungarian Karpat Group advanced far into southern Russia. At the Battle of Uman, the Gyorshadtest participated in the encirclement of the sixth Soviet Army and the twelfth Soviet Army. A first Hungarian republic, the Hungarian Democratic Republic, was proclaimed on 16 November 1918 with Károlyi named as president.

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Horsemanship in Hungary has a long historical past, going again to the Magyars, the primary Hungarians. The tradition is best seen on the Great Plain (Puszta), a vast flat plain harking back to the American Old West. Hungary can be reputed to host cultural occasions dating a hungarian woman like Sziget Festival or Budapest Spring Festival. The Sziget Festival is the Hungarian for “Island” and is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. It is held every August in northern Budapest, Hungary, on Óbudai-sziget (“Old Buda Island”), a leafy 108-hectare (266-acre) island on the Danube.

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