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In this context, we ask whether the violation of one statute will normally result in a violation of the other. at 14, 810 P.2d at 1234; see also Jenkins, 170 Cal.Rptr.

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  • While we believe that the prohibition against unlawful hunting, by itself, does not conflict with Section , we disagree with the Court of Appeals’ assessment of the general/specific statute rule.
  • The Court of Appeals therefore held that the general/specific statute rule did not apply.
  • In discussing this argument, the Court of Appeals concluded that Section and Section serve different purposes, are both necessary to fully protect game animals, and, therefore, do not conflict with one another.
  • Thus, we conclude that the Legislature did not intend for Section to apply to hunting activities contemplated by New Mexico’s specific laws governing game and fish.
  • Cleve argues that New Mexico game and fish statutes and regulations preempt the application of Section to game animals.

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Book Review: Crook County: Racism And Injustice In Americas Largest Criminal Court By Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve

Further, a Department official, Assistant Chief of Operations Pat Barncastle, testified that, when the Department traps antelope and deer for purposes such as relocation, it is not uncommon for them to die of stress-related fatigue. This activity would also appear to violate the cruelty to animals statute under the Court of Appeals’ construction. Additionally, the State charged Cleve with cruelty to animals for shooting several deer in the abdomen, even though Officer Barncastle testified that approximately twenty-five to thirty-five percent of deer lawfully taken pursuant to Commission regulations are also shot in the abdomen. Thus, according to the State’s interpretation of Section , the lawful hunting of deer would appear to subject a hunter to potential prosecution for cruelty to animals. We believe that these applications of Section would conflict with the Legislature’s authorization of hunting and fishing in New Mexico and would frustrate the Legislature’s delegation of power to the Commission to determine the manner in which hunting is to be conducted.

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As outlined above, the general/specific statute rule is broader in application than determining only the potential limits on prosecutorial discretion in charging one crime instead of another. This rule of construction assists courts more generally in determining whether the Legislature intended to create an exception to a general statute by enacting another law dealing define cleve with the matter in a more specific way. Cleve’s cruelty to animals convictions are based on the snaring of two deer. In placing his snares, it is clear that Cleve was engaged in the activity of hunting the deer on his land and that his manner of hunting, trapping by snare, is within the range of hunting activity contemplated by the game and fish statutes.

1, 620 P.2d at 592 (stating that the general/specific statute rule applies „f it appears from the entire context that a violation of the ‚special’ statute will necessarily or commonly result in a violation of the ‚general’ bitcoin development statute”). As the Court of Appeals noted, if Section were to protect wild animals, it would be possible to violate each statute, cruelty to animals and unlawful hunting, independently, without violating the other.

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We believe that Cleve’s conviction of cruelty to animals for snaring game animals exemplifies the conflict between Section and the Legislature’s provisions governing hunting and fishing in New Mexico. The language of Section clearly delegates to the Commission the power to determine whether the snaring of particular game animals is consistent with the statutory purposes articulated in Section . It appears from the evidence introduced in the trial court that the manner of death for the two snared deer, strangulation and either starvation, dehydration, or fatigue, is not atypical for a snared game animal. Thus, under the Court of Appeals’ interpretation of Section , the lawful snaring of furbearing animals would appear to be equally subject to prosecution for cruelty to animals.


Cleve, 1997-NMCA-113, ¶ 8, 949 P.2d 672. For example, many hunters could be convicted of unlawful hunting for define cleve killing game without a license, or out of season, and yet fail to satisfy the elements of cruelty to animals.

define cleve